About Us

Mr. T.P.R. Ganesh Aiyer, who has carved out a niche for himself as an outstanding sculptor with his 40 years of committed hard work ( Guru & Co ) in making beautiful icons and statues of varied kinds. He developed an interest in making statues and icons to provide a means of livelihood for families. 

For the past 40 years, Guru & Co is a popular institution in Chennai for manufacturing of Hindu God Statues and Indian Saints and Acharyas.  Life size Statues of famous Saints and Acharyas from ancient Indian cities are established by them. Moreover they are distributing the Statues of Hindu Gods and Saints to all over the world.  These Services are rendered with the support of Spiritual leaders, theists and art lovers then and there.

Guru & Co is functioning with 18 full time and some contract sculptors under the leadership of the well experienced and famous sculptor Sri. T.P.R. Ganesh Aiyer , Managing Director.

Guru & Co. manufacturing the statues in Fiber glass material which is an unbreakable one and also in Plaster of Paris material. The statues sizes are starting from 5″ inches size to 10 feet (aapx) and the rates were started from Rs. 200/ – to Rs.5 Lakhs appx.


To facilitate the learning of Divine and to promote the understanding of Dharma everywhere.


To facilitate in the Collection of all Divine Message of Gurus / Acharyas of Bharatha Kanda ( Asian Continent)To educate and train the young minds towards the creation of a world order which believes in “ Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu”.